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Beatdown 16 Results + A special congrats & Vancouver Overture 15 Results

First off, a huge congrats to SRKUW|Darryn for going to Vancouver Overture 15, with a few other Seattle players, and winning the UMvC3 tournament there.  Not only did he win the UMvC3 Tournament, but he also won a trip to Canada Cup, Hosted by Canada Cup Gaming during the weekend of October 26th through the 28th.


Check out the Grand Finals Match between Darryn and James Jones here — James Jones (Losers Bracket Champion) vs SRKUW|Darryn (Winners Bracket Champion) Grand Finals Match from Vancouver Overture 15, streamed by Canadian Joysticks on¬† (Opens in a new window)

And now for the results of The Beatdown 16, from Best Bout Gaming in Portland, Ore.


Video Archives on Twitch.TV

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


Had a slight net issue between P1/2/3 so thats why it is a bit choppy.

Video Replays will be uploaded within the week or so to


Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012: 13 Entrants


1st: Hoangief (ZAN/SAK)


3rd: CPR (BOX)

4th: Shredder (ABL)

5th: Mackinzie_ (IBU)

5th: TSPhan (CAM)

7th: PDX Jive (SAG/FEI)

7th : Phanther (HON)

9th place tie: M.Smash

9th: Rek503

9th SamB

9th: Chris U.

13th: Zonymash


Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown: 9 Entrants


1st: AJS_ (JAC)

2nd: Yangsing (SHU/KAG)

3rd: Chanchai (LIO)

4th: R_Panda (BRA)

5th: MacKinzie_

5th: Zonymash

7th: Hellsap

7th: Quickdrraw

9th: Jaye


Tekken Tag Tournament 2: 8 Entrants


1st: Geesemaster (FEN/LAR)

2nd: JamashaWalker (LAR/JPC)

3rd: LordBBH (JC/BRY)


5th: Eternal Blaze

5th: ManOfTheLeaf

7th: Nate Jackson

7th: Tsunamiken


Persona 4: Arena: 16 Entrants


1st: Phon (LAB)

2nd: KZ (YUK)

3rd: Muntsuru (MIT)

4th: Osuna (KAN)

5th: Rek503

5th: Beening

7th: Eternal Blaze

7th: Sam B

9th: TSpeeds

9th: Yangsing

9th: KingSocks

9th: Chad Lake

13th: DiscoVigilante

13th: MZTheike

13th: Joshua

13th: Hellsap


King of Fighters XIII : 7 Entrants


1st: Joel A

2nd: LordBBH

3rd: Darwin

4th: Daniel

5th: Victor

5th: Eternal Blaze

7th: Joshua Cuono


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: 10 Entrants


1st: Rattana (MAG/MOR/DRD)

2nd: Shredder (WOL/MAG/DRD)

3rd: Chocomuffins (SPI/FRA/DRD)

4th: JamashaWalker (ZER/DAN/VER)

5th: Ebonic Plague (WES/DAN/DRD, WES/DAN/HIR)

5th: Nitrogen (ZER/DAN/HAW)

7th: DiscoVigillante (FEL/DRD/AMA)

7th: MacKinzie ( WES/STO/HIR)

9th: LordBBH

9th: KingSocks

 Vancouver Overture 15 Results

(From Christian “CLim” Lim via Facebook)

Stream Recap Here:

32-man bracket1 SRKUW|Darryn (NOV/SPE/HAW)
2 James Jones (MOR/DRD/GKI)
3 Bryan To
4 Sampson Chow
5 Michael Wiebe
5 Steve Yip
7 Richard Cornelia
7 Devin Stone
9 Basics
9 Eric Lam
9 Dave O’Brien
9 Marcus Wiebe
13 Coren
13 Alexey
13 Gary Law
13 Bae Chigi
17 Christian Lim
17 Johnny Vo
17 Al Kouril
17 Behrudy
17 Alfonso
32-man bracket

1 FineLikeWine49 (GUI)
2 Whitegun
3 James Jones
4 Peter Huang
5 Asiangun
5 Brian Chan
7 Carlos Yu
7 Benson Fan
9 Jimmy
9 Terry Hui
9 Andreas Samaris
9 Kevin Chao
13 Raymound Lau
13 Tuan Vo
13 Mark Buckley
13 Octavio Villena
17 Basics
17 Jacob Lim
17 Richard Cornelia
17 Cryptlord

16-man bracket

1 Dave O’Brien
2 Sampson Chow
3 Kevin Kler
4 Devin Stone
5 Eric Bastone
5 Derek Hui
7 Brandon Tin
7 Coren
9 Alfonso Lopez
9 Benoit Busque
9 Maxime Walker
9 Johnny Vo
13 Jackson Dang

8-man bracket

1 Yung Hoang
2 Cryptlord
3 John Sarul
4 Eric Lam
5 Terry Hui
5 Jackson Dang

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