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Beatdown 16 Results + A special congrats & Vancouver Overture 15 Results

First off, a huge congrats to SRKUW|Darryn for going to Vancouver Overture 15, with a few other Seattle players, and winning the UMvC3 tournament there.  Not only did he win the UMvC3 Tournament, but he also won a trip to Canada Cup, Hosted by Canada Cup Gaming during the weekend of October 26th through the […]

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Tetris World Championships

Today was the tournament for the Tetris World Championships at Portland Retro Gaming Expo   Put on by the group behind Ecstasy of Order, some of the highest caliber Tetris gameplay was on display.   We Streamed the top 8 of the event and full archives can be found here   Videos are available […]

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NorCal Regionals 10: Bringing the hype back to the 4-1-5

With my final photo from NorCal Regionals 10 uploaded, it feels like I’m now back to reality.  If you were one of the thousands of people watching the stream, you missed out on what was, hands down, the BIGGEST NorCal Regionals to date.  With nearly 450 people registering early for the event and tons more […]

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