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Retro Battle in the Rose City and Updates

Hey all.  Been a while since I’ve posted.  Just to give you guys a few updates.

Today was the first day of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo at the Oregon Convention Center in, you guessed it, Portland, Oregon.

With arcade games from local Barcade, Ground Kontrol, and a variety of games, both old and current, on sale from a variety of vendors, all groups of people came to support the events that were going on.

Local competitive gaming business, Best Bout Gaming, came to help run one of the featured tournaments, Street Fighter 2: Turbo and had 60 people sign up!


The stream was provided on and replays will be available on Youtube.  We had some internet issues at the venue, so there are some areas where the stream had dropped.  Don’t fret though!  We have full recordings!


Results are available here :

Stream Archive here:


In other news…Tomorrow, September 30, 2012, we will be working with Ecstasy of Order to bring you the TOP 8 of the Tetris World Championships.

That will be broadcasted live on so I hope you can all tune in!!


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