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Beatdown 16 Results + A special congrats & Vancouver Overture 15 Results

First off, a huge congrats to SRKUW|Darryn for going to Vancouver Overture 15, with a few other Seattle players, and winning the UMvC3 tournament there.  Not only did he win the UMvC3 Tournament, but he also won a trip to Canada Cup, Hosted by Canada Cup Gaming during the weekend of October 26th through the […]

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Best Bout Beatdown 10 Results

Best Bout Beatdown 10 Results Videos (Via Twitch.TV) – Youtube Playlist: Best Bout Beatdown 10 on Youtube   Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v.2012 – 26 Entrants 1: FineLikeWine49 2: HoanGief 3: LordBBH 4: Lintimate Feelings (Mister K) 5: CPR 5: MoreWork 7: Silverwolf 7: Rising Church 9: PDX_Jive 9: Slash 9: SamB 9: Ronnicle […]

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