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BlazBlue Chronophantasma Gameplay and Trials

BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Gameplay and Trials are going to be available on YouTube shortly and throughout the week! Right now, there are Pacific Northwest online netplay games available on YouTube and you can find those here Slash vs BBCP E6: Pacific Northwest Online Fights Slash vs BBCP E7: Pacific Northwest Online Fights Slash vs BBCP E8: […]

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The Beatdown 18 Results and Video Archives

Bracket YouTube Playlist 1: tLoz|Duggish 2: Sam B 3: Hoangief 4: LordBBH 5: Gieft 5: PDX_Jive 7: Kwyjibo 7: BotPM 9: Yzae_B 9: Mackinzie_ 9: Canasian 9: MetsuMatt 13: Brown Cyclone 13: Dave O 13: SC|I Drop Combos 13: TSweets 17: Shade Man 17: SC|Aim4TheBushes 17: Zonymash 17: YabukiStyle 17: Slappy 17: QEUW Bracket YouTube […]

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