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The Beatdown 18 Results and Video Archives

Bracket YouTube Playlist 1: tLoz|Duggish 2: Sam B 3: Hoangief 4: LordBBH 5: Gieft 5: PDX_Jive 7: Kwyjibo 7: BotPM 9: Yzae_B 9: Mackinzie_ 9: Canasian 9: MetsuMatt 13: Brown Cyclone 13: Dave O 13: SC|I Drop Combos 13: TSweets 17: Shade Man 17: SC|Aim4TheBushes 17: Zonymash 17: YabukiStyle 17: Slappy 17: QEUW Bracket YouTube […]

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The Beatdown tournament this weekend at Best Bout Gaming

This weekend, Best Bout Gaming in Portland, Ore., will be hosting their 16th monthly tournament.   The Beatdown will be featuring 6 fighting games, including the debut of Tekken TAG Tournament 2 to the roster. – Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v.2012 – Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – The King of Fighters XIII […]

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NorCal Regionals 10: Bringing the hype back to the 4-1-5

With my final photo from NorCal Regionals 10 uploaded, it feels like I’m now back to reality.  If you were one of the thousands of people watching the stream, you missed out on what was, hands down, the BIGGEST NorCal Regionals to date.  With nearly 450 people registering early for the event and tons more […]

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Best Bout Beatdown 10 Results

Best Bout Beatdown 10 Results Videos (Via Twitch.TV) – Youtube Playlist: Best Bout Beatdown 10 on Youtube   Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v.2012 – 26 Entrants 1: FineLikeWine49 2: HoanGief 3: LordBBH 4: Lintimate Feelings (Mister K) 5: CPR 5: MoreWork 7: Silverwolf 7: Rising Church 9: PDX_Jive 9: Slash 9: SamB 9: Ronnicle […]

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Best Bout Beatdown 9 Results are in!

Full Youtube Playlist   Twitch.TV Archives   Best Bout Beatdown 9 Results   Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v.2012 1: Lord BBH 2: PDX Jive 3: Fatbear 4: James Chance 5: Samuel L 5: Wedge 7: SamB 7: OMNE 9: MKMaster503 9: MacKinzie 9: WithNoCombos 9: Joe 13: MetsuMatt 13: Slash 13: Tony Melo […]

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From the Archive: Chun Li TE-S Review

For those of you who were in attendance at PAX, or Penny Arcade Expo, this year, MadCatz had the Limited Edition Chun-Li Tournament Edition-S (TE-S) Sticks on sale. The Chun-Li TE-S made its debut at the MadCatz booth during EVO2010 in Las Vegas, but was there for display only. At PAX10, attendees were able to […]

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