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Thursday Night Fights 6.26.2014 Results


Gameclucks, host for Saturday Slugfest, is now streaming their bi-weekly event, Thursday Night Fights. Check out the stream and brackets after the jump

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Vancouver Street Battle 17 live from Richmond BC – Results


Vancouver Street Battle is live from Richmond BC. ┬áCanadian Joysticks is handling streaming duties there, and for those not familiar, they were the stream directors for the secondary stream at Northwest Majors, which took place on   Click the jump for more info.

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Saturday Slugfest XXI results


[Bracket] [YouTube Playlist] 1: CCG|Air (Ryu/Hugo) 2: LowTierHero49 [AKA FineLikeWine49] (Guile) 3: tLoz|Kaleo (E.Honda) 4: TsunDerek [AKA Orikasa] (Elena/Chun-Li) 5: Schowder (Juri) 5: Sam B (Cammy/Guy) 7: Clim (Elena/Zangief) 7: Longur (Rose) Additional Results 9: Dickson 9: Riki-Oh 9: Jackson Galaxy [AKA Kywjibo] 9: Chris Masters 13: SRKUW|KPop 13: Scha 13: SMH|Kyle P 13: Legend […]

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